Authentic Native American Silver Jewelry

Welcome to The Navajo Silversmith™. Our artist, Navajo indian silversmith Dennison Tsosie, works from his studio located in the heart of the Southwest. We have been in business since 1988, and have offered our products on the internet since 1995. turquoise braceletOur goal is to produce handcrafted jewelry of the highest quality, at an affordable price.

The word Navajo immediately brings to mind, fine silver and turquoise jewelry in addition to exquisite rugs. These time honored traditions have been handed down from generation to generation, being perfected and brought to a higher level with each new generation.

gold man's ringDennison’s own Grandfather began teaching him the art of silversmithing when Dennison was still very young. He felt the trade would be carried on as a worthy way to make a living. Sadly, by the time Dennison was grown, it was a different world from the time of his Grandfather. The age of better, faster, and easier ways of creating and reproducing jewelry was here. Mass production, cheap imitations, and imports which looked exactly like Native American arts all brought the prices down, and confused the public. It was difficult to sell the fruits of one's labor for what it was worth.turquoise necklace Added to this, was the fact that the middle man was often the one who made the money -not the artist. The new generation of would-be craftsmen found it more lucrative to take employment at something that would pay a living wage. This was true of Dennison too. He spent many years in the regular work force, only doing silversmith or artwork as a hobby and as a supplement to his income. Inside though, he carried a dream to follow his love and create artwork and jewelry full-time. Finally, in 1988 he took that final leap of faith. With little more than hopes and dreams, he quit his job and started his own business, The Navajo Silversmith. More than two decades later, he remains in business and happy to still be pleasing customers worldwide.

There is great satisfaction and pride in creating works of beauty and making them available for others to enjoy. Such jewelry lasts, to cherish and even pass down to the next generation.silver earrings Dennison’s love of his craft and pride in his workmanship shines through every piece he fashions. He is still touched to see the joy and delight when his creations are presented to a customer. Often his hard work is a first step toward a rewarding relationship with those who have purchased his jewelry.

Take a moment to experience timeless Navajo heritage, joined with a vision of the future. No matter what you are looking for, we pride ourselves in carrying some of the finest handmade jewelry and artwork available anywhere today. We look forward to working with you in creating your personal vision.
-Dennison and Teddi Tsosie

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