How it's Made

silversmithIn times past, virtually everything was made by hand from conception to the finished product.
We had tailors to make our clothing, cobblers to make our shoes, haberdashers to make our hats, potters made our dishes and smiths to make our metal products. The craft was handed down from generation to generation, and children apprenticed under the craftsman to learn the trade. There was pride taken in ones work and the finished product reflected that pride.
Today itís rare to find such people, and those of you who value fine craftsmanship and exclusive designs will be glad to have found Dennison Tsosie.

silversmithLets imagine you have contacted Dennison for some custom work. You tell him you want a simple silver pendant without a stone. You are looking for something with a Native American design or symbol. He asks a few questions and soon discovers that you are especially fond of bears and a bear paw design sounds like something you would like to have on this pendant. He will begin the process by drawing up a design for your approval. -In reality, creating a design and getting it to work the way he wants on the silver, often takes more time than the actual making of the piece!
After he has finished the sketch, you tell him if itís exactly what you want and if it is not he will work with you to change and refine the design. He then quotes you a price and you agree to have him make it for you. You give him half the cost as a down payment, and wait anxiously for him to contact you when it is finished. We then take a photo of the your finished piece and e-mail it to you for your preliminary approval. If you feel itís what you want, you will send the balance of your payment and we will send your jewelry... Next →

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