Necklaces and pendants, handmade by Navajo silversmith Dennison Tsosie

Necklaces and pendants have been worn since ancient times. The earliest known necklace dates back some 75,000 years; a simple string of mollusk shells found in a cave in South Africa. pendantLater, beads made from stone or clay were worked by hand and rubbed or chipped into shape and suspended from a cord made of fiber or sinew.


With the discovery of metals, jewelry making was brought to a new level. The use of metals to encase and enhance precious and semi precious stones, provided a way for transforming several them into beautiful and intricate shapes. Likewise, the simple cord of leather or thread evolved into elaborate metal chains.

Pendants and necklaces were worn for many reasons; protection, status, religious purposes and of course, for adornment. Today, the necklace and pendant are mostly worn as accessories which compliment an outfit and enhance personal expression.


The art of creating necklaces and pendants has evolved over thousands of years. Today, Navajo silversmith Dennison Tsosie continues this progression. Using raw stones, he cuts, polishes, forms and shapes them to reveal their inner beauty. He then uses silver, gold and other metals to further enhance the stones and make them wearable.

Using little more than sheets of metal, a torch, and a jewelers saw, he can turn your beautiful ideas into exquisite works of art. With or without stones, Dennison's custom pendants are as unique as they are beautiful.

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